Honey Monthly Report – April 2012

National Honey Report for Arizona:

Above normal temperatures in April ranged from a high of 107 degrees Fahrenheit in Roll to a low of 10 degrees Fahrenheit at Grand Canyon. The most precipitation reported during a one week period was during the second week of the month. 16 of 22 stations reported precipitation. The previous week, no stations reported precipitation, while only one reported such the following week. So far in 2012, all reporting stations are below normal precipitation levels for the year. Most bee colonies have returned to the state after spending the past few months out of state to pollinate fruit and nut trees elsewhere. Desert plant bloom, alfalfa and various citrus were the main sources for nectar and pollen in the state. According to figures from the National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS), for 2011 Arizona had 23,000 honey producing colonies (a decrease of 1,000 from the previous year), 1,219,000 pounds of honey produced (629,000 pounds under 2010) with a total production value of $1,829,000 (a decrease of $980,000 from 2010). The average per pound price for honey in Arizona in 2011 was $1.50, down slightly from the 2010 average of $1.52 per pound. Demand for honey remains good.

Download the entire report here:  April 2012 National Honey Report

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